Monday, September 5, 2011

Advantages Of The Amazon Kindle Reader

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If you are an avid reader, you probably travel most places with a book tucked into your briefcase or purse (handbag for the British). The only problem occurs when you are on a long journey and you finish your book. You might not mind it but it is an extra load.

It is no fun hunting for discarded newspapers or candy wrappers to read to pass the time. This is where the Amazon Kindle reader has a significant advantage over the printed page.

Many people can devour a good paperback in a matter of hours, especially if it's a real page turner. If you are travelling a long distance, you may have to pack the contents of a small library. A kindle can store more reading material than most people can stack on a bookshelf.

Some die-hard's might complain that "it's not the same as a proper book." Ok, so it's not, but the makers have done a pretty good job at sorting out the screen to look like a printed page. Sixteen shades of grey and good contrast mean you can read even in bright sunshine. It's also lighter than most "proper books" so is easier to carry about, and it can also read to you if your eyes are tired. There were probably people who moaned about the invention of paper because those stone tablets were so much better. Times are changing and e-readers are the way forward.

Another advantage is that when you have finished your current tome you can buy another one easily. As long as you are near a Wi-Fi network you can download a new novel, newspaper or whatever takes your fancy. There aren't many book stores open at 3 AM, but the Kindle Store is available 24/7. This is great for students who suddenly realize they need research material for that essay due tomorrow.

A "proper book" has distinct advantage for anyone who likes to read in the bath. Dropping your kindle into water is not recommended. Unlike paper, it won't just get a bit soggy and be fine after a spell on the radiator. Thankfully, you can get a waterproof case for your kindle, so the e-reader wins again.

There are a fair few e-readers to choose from, but the Amazon Kindle reader has a nice clear screen, a charger you can plug in anywhere and is dead easy to use. For the fashion conscious, it looks good whether you are wearing a business suit or combat trousers. Move over "proper books", the e-reader is here to stay.

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