Monday, August 20, 2012

Sony EBook Reader - Touch Edition PRS-600

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The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 is an updated version of PRS-700 and is 1 of the best rated eBook readers.

Item Description The good quality and really feel is top quality with a metallic case which has dull finish. The screen is of proper size for reading and the E-ink display. The touchscreen is responsive to a firm touch and pages can be turned with forward and backward buttons placed at the bottom left of the screen. The pages seem really promptly but with the usual stutter of E-screens. Speedy flipping of pages is supplied by holding the pressure on the screen. Certain words and pages can be searched by a particular function. Pages can be earmarked for later reference and note producing is attainable either with the finger or the stylus. It can also be later erased. A virtual keyboard is supplied. The screen comes in portrait or landscape form. Sony's eReader Shop delivers facility for downloading reasonably priced ebooks. The Shop even has books which expense beneath $one and has teamed with Google books escalating the selection out there to the user.

Technical Specifications The screen has a diagonal display size of 6" and has 8 levels of gray scale. The Sony reader PRS 600 has internal battery storage of 512 MB. In practice 480 MB is out there for use, which can hold roughly up to 350 books. The storage can be expanded by a memory stick PRO or the SDHC card. The battery works for two weeks on a single charge. A common 3.5mm jack is supplied for headphones. It has an AC Energy of DC 5.2V. The dimensions of the device are 6.9x4.8x4" (LxWxD) and weighs about ten oz.

The Very good The back has a dusty rose appear and is not glossy so does not make finger prints. It appears smaller but is rather solid and quick to use. It has a really stylish appear.

The Negative The E-ink display could have been improved with slightly darker letters. Also there is no way of adjusting contrast. There is no backlighting to the screen. Text to speech feature is not present. Online capability is absent hence 1 has to download eBooks with the support of a USB cable.

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