Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amazon Kindle 2 Vs Sony PRS 505

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Specifications: You may be wondering why we are not comparing the Kindle with the new Sony PRS 700. Although it is the newer model with lots of new features, the screen of the PRS 700 is just not as good as the Sony PRS 505. As the main factor of a digital reader is, well, its readability, I personally much prefer the 505 and think that it remains a good rival to the new Kindle 2. To put it out straight, the Kindle 2 is a more powerful device than the Sony PRS 505, in terms of battery life, storage, etc. But in terms of simplicity, pricing and ease-of-use, the older Sony model got lots to offer. The Amazon model currently costs about $90 more than the other model.

For starters, both readers use the same type of screen, i.e. with a 800 x 600 resolution and 4 bit (16 gray levels) color support. The Amazon model has a 2GB of built in memory, while the Sony only has 128MB. On the bright side, The Sony model supports SD cards and memory Stick Duo cards. The Kindle 2 also has a better battery lifespan, where it can last up to two weeks on a single charge.

Design: I personally prefer design of he Sony PRS 505 over the Kindle 2. Amazon's model is white in color with rounded corners and circular buttons. The 505 on the other hand, has a more serious-looking design and is available in both silver and black. I though the Kindle looks a little like a toy. Both models are of roughly the same weight and size.

Features & Performance: There is no doubt that the Kindle 2 has much more features than the Sony model. In terms of readability though, I personally think that the PRS 505 is more readable than Amazon's model. It seems to have better contrasts and can easily be read even under bright lighting conditions. The Kindle 2's screen did not fare so well under bright lights.

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