Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazon Kindle 3 - 5 Top Reasons To Buy The Ebook Reader Now

Click Here for Amazon Kindle 3 - 5 Top Reasons To Buy The Ebook Reader Now

If you've been waiting for the Kindle to get better before getting one, it just did. Now is the best time to purchase an Amazon's ebook reader - the new Kindle 3. Not only is it better in terms of features and display than any of its earlier models, it also enjoys a more affordable price tag than ever. This is the third generation and the roots are back in November 2007 when it created the trend for electronic books that now is sweeping the book-loving world.

Apart from a very wallet friendly price, the new Kindle3 carries a load of features that should bring any hesitant buyer straight to the mall or directly from Amazon. Here is five good reasons to get one in my opinion:

The 6-inch electronic paper display or more commonly called e-paper or e-ink display is the best there is, offering 50% more contrast than the 2nd generation Kindle in what Amazon calls its "Pearl" display. You get the clearest text set against a whiter page that mimics a real book paper more than the grayish paper tone in its earlier iterations. It even shows 16 shades of gray for excellent display of images. Unlike LCD screens, it reflect light like any paper assuring a no glare no eyestrain reading experience. Download all the books you want in under 60 seconds with its 3G wireless connectivity over Amazon's Whispernet. There's nothing to setup and you are ready to shop right out of the box. It uses the same wireless global GSM and CDMA/EVDO technologies as your 3G cellphones minus the monthly fees or contracts as Amazon pays for the service. You can surf and download books anytime anywhere without looking for a WiFi hotspot. Alternatively, if you already have a WiFi connection from an ISP at home, you can have high speed data connectivity faster than 3G connection. The Kindle automatically detects WiFi anywhere in the world and if you happen to be near an AT&T hotspot, you WiFi access is free. Battery life could get you to the moon and back on a single charge. This 3rd generation e-reader can last up to a month without recharging if its wireless 3G facility is turned off, at least 10 days if turned on. Charging gets complete in 4.5 hours using a battery charger or via USB v2.0 when tethered to a PC. Reading convenience features galore and includes a built-in New Oxford American Dictionary that allows a look up to the meaning of a word just moving the cursor to it with its high precision 5-way controller. It has a gravity accelerometer that allows you to read in landscape or portrait mode just by turning the Kindle. It has text to speech ability that allows you to work on other things without missing what your reading. It's also great for the blind. Its 3GB of internal memory (from a total of 4GB) can be used for storing up to 3,500 book titles on a lightest Kindle ever at just 8.7 ounce body. The Kindle store today house more than 725,000 ebooks and growing.

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