Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Buy Ebooks From Amazon Without a Kindle

Click Here for How to Buy Ebooks From Amazon Without a Kindle

Despite the fact that Amazon will not confirm how quite a few of their preferred Kindle e-readers have been sold, the quantity is estimated to be in the millions. 1 testament to the Kindle's reputation is that there are additional than 950,000 ebook titles readily available for instant download from Amazon's Kindle shop. Add to that all of the approaches readers can obtain Kindle ebooks even with no owning a Kindle and you can think Amazon's claim that Kindle ebook sales have surpassed sales of print books.

All you will need to invest in ebooks from Amazon with no a Kindle is 1 of the a lot of no cost Kindle reading apps accessible. Get started by going to In the left navigation, click on Kindle, then Cost-free Kindle Reading Apps. On that page you will obtain links to download the Kindle reading app for the Windows Computer, Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

With the app installed you can download totally free and paid ebooks from the Kindle shop and read them on your preferred device. (For the reason that of a recent modify in the terms of service for Apple apps, ebooks can not be downloaded by way of the Kindle apps operating on an Apple device. Having said that, ebooks can be bought by way of a net browser and delivered to the Apple device.)

Even if you own a Kindle, you may perhaps will need to use 1 or a lot more of the Kindle reader apps. Applying an app on a mobile device makes it possible for you to acquire from anyplace, and read anyplace, even if you do not have your Kindle with you. Most individuals have their phones with them wherever they go, so anytime you have a couple of spare minutes you can read a bit of that novel you are getting a difficult time putting down. Any of the Kindle ebooks already in your library can be transferred to other devices, and the ebooks can be accessed from additional than 1 device. For example, I have some of my Kindle ebooks on my Kindle, my Computer and my iPhone.

Amazon's WhisperSync automatically synchronizes the last page read across numerous devices. That indicates that you can Start off reading an ebook on your Kindle, then choose up correct where you left off when you turn on the Kindle app on your iPad or Windows Computer.

An additional benefit of the free of charge apps is that most of them permit you to view pictures and other photos in the books in full color, rather of the black and white of the Kindle e-reader. Some Kindle ebooks now consist of audio and video that is only accessible when the ebooks are viewed on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Kindle apps, generating them extra interactive and visually fascinating than just words on the page.

I own a Kindle and I adore it, yet I also really like the flexibility of Working with the Kindle apps for my other devices. And if you don't but own a Kindle, the apps give you access to almost a million ebooks, several of which are only accessible for the Kindle and its apps. You can be reading your favorites in just minutes.

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