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How To Choose an EBook Reader - Information For Beginners

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If you are interested in shopping for an ebook reader, you could possibly be a small overwhelmed by the options that are now accessible and all of the technical info that is shown for every device. It is not very difficult to comprehend as soon as you know a small around the technologies, and you can do all of the analysis you require just by reading the internet sites that sell the devices. In this write-up I will go over the fundamentals of what you will need to know.

Once you are searching at a site that sells an ebook reader, you really should locate a section referred to as "Technical Specifications," or Tech Specs for brief. Some sites could possibly have this below the standard item description rather of in its own section. It will list considerably of technical details, and I'll clarify what it all implies under. With this information you can make an informed choice.


As soon as deciding which kind of e-reader to obtain, Cost is an critical portion of the choice for most men and women. As of this writing, each the Amazon Kindle and the Kobo eReader are priced the lowest at $139 for the WiFi models.

Size and Weight

Once you see these info in the item description, It is very self explanatory. The size will commonly be listed as Height x Width x Thickness.

If this is significant to you, you can compare this among unique devices. Some men and women prefer smaller devices, and some prefer bigger. Most ebook readers are very lightweight -- in between about five to 20 ounces. A normal paperback book weighs in at someplace about ten ounces, so you can use that as a guide. Also, if you do significantly of travelling the weight of the device may make a distinction in your luggage.

Screen Size and Sort

Considerably of the ereaders offered at this time have 6 inch screens, and a couple of have 7 inch screens. The sort of screen is extra crucial to take into consideration.

Devices like the Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader, Nook, and BeBook have E-Ink screens. These screens are not back-lit like your computer system screen. Rather, they have a matte finish that does not reflect light and reduces glare. E-Ink delivers a reading knowledge that is very comparable to reading from paper.

Devices like the Pandigital Novel, the Nook Color, and tablet computers like the iPad, have LCD screens. These are essentially the exact same as your computer system screen or laptop or computer monitor. Because they display light, your eyes can grow tired extra effortlessly, and they also use considerably much more battery energy. These devices are also over just ebook readers, and they tend to be additional pricey.

File Kinds Supported

This is very significant Due to the fact it determines the Varieties of ebooks that you will be able to read with the device. If you know that you need to be able to read PDF files, appear for that in the list of supported file Kinds. If you will need to be able to obtain present well-known ebooks from ebook shops, you'll need to have an e-reader that supports Adobe DRM. Appear for that in the list as effectively. This is 1 case exactly where It is greater to acquire an device that is much more well-liked. The additional obscure the device, the less probably that you will be able to purchase the content material you need to have for it.

Some ebook readers can also play MP3 music. If that is vital for you, check for that in the item info.

1 critical note: The Amazon Kindle will only read ebooks that are bought at If you need to be able to purchase ebooks from other ebook shops, meticulously take into account this restriction.

Battery Life

The battery life for ebook readers is generally shown as the quantity of page turns that can be performed for the duration of 1 charge. For example: if a web site shows a battery life of 8000 page turns, and you figure that an typical book could have 300 pages, that works out to over 25 books that you may well read ahead of you had to charge the battery once again.


eBook readers come with on-board memory, which will be shown in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes). Most also have "expandable" memory, which indicates that you can put in your own storage card for much more storage space. The tech specs for every e-reader will specify how considerably storage comes with the e-reader itself, and how substantial of a memory card it can manage. This is significant Since this is how your ebooks are stored on the device. The a lot more memory, the much more ebooks you can put on it. Most of these ebook readers can store thousands of books, which is most likely to be over you are ever going to own, so the distinction among the e-readers becomes negligible unless this is very an problem for you.

Totally free Content material

Some businesses are bundling their ebook readers with Free of charge content material. The Kobo eReader, for example, comes with 100 Cost-free classic ebooks pre-installed. If you have a Kindle you can download numerous Cost-free classic books on Amazon's internet site. Most other ebook readers will permit you to read just around any Cost-free PDF or EPUB file that you download on the internet.

WiFi or 3G

Appear out for the terms "WiFi" and "3G". If a organization is giving you a selection in between these two Sorts of connectivity, the 3G option will be far more costly. WiFi lets you use your WiFi connection at residence to download content material directly to the device, without having getting to use your laptop. Based on the device, you may well also be able to browse the world wide web. 3G is the exact same sort of connection that your cell telephone has, which indicates that you do not require to be on a WiFi network to download ebooks. Some e-readers don't have either of these capabilities.


Lastly, once creating your selection in between all of the out there e-readers, you can look at the overall Style of the device. The Sony Readers appear a lot more technological than the other people, though the Kobo looks a lot more friendly. The Nook has a rounder look, and the Kindle displays a full keyboard on the bottom. There is likely an ebook reader that has a Style that fits your personality.

I hope that the details covered above will be adequate to support any one who is obtaining an ebook reading device. They are fun gadgets, and reading on them is a pleasurable expertise. Fantastic luck!

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