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How to Format and Check Your Kindle Ebook Without Owning a Kindle Device

Click Here for How to Format and Check Your Kindle Ebook Without Owning a Kindle Device

Self publishing for Kindle ereading devices is hot. Amazon has created it quick for ordinary persons to publish their own books, with no the support of a publishing enterprise.

You just write your book, convert it to the right format, and submit it to the Kindle Direct Publishing shop, exactly where men and women can immediately purchase and download it on their Kindle.

Nevertheless, prior to you submit your book to the shop, there are some essential thins to maintain in thoughts.

Individuals who acquire digital books from Amazon have seven days to return them.

If your book is not correctly formatted, has an amateurish appear, and is difficult to read and navigate via by lacking an active table of contents, your reader will ask for a refund, and you will shed the buyer forever. It is as quick as that.

That is why you require to format your Ebook properly.

The font I suggest you to use for your book is Occasions New Roman, the size is 12-14.

Begin your book with a (centered) title and your author name, followed by a clickable Table Of Contents to produce it uncomplicated for your readers to navigate by way of your content.

Insert a page break following each chapter, to generate your book appear expert.

These uncomplicated ideas will create your Kindle book appear excellent.

Prior to submitting your Ebook to the Direct Publishing Platform, you really should often check how your book will appear on a Kindle reader device.

But what if you do not own a Kindle reader?

No difficulty. You can nonetheless check your book's layout by soon after one of these ideas.

1) Download a copy of the MobiPocket Creator program.

The MobiPocket program is free of charge to use, and converts DOC, PDF, and TXT files to the Kindle MOBI and PRC format, and you can see how your document will appear in the Kindle device.

- If your original document does not consist of a table of contents, you can use the Wizard to automatically create one for you.

2) Yet another way to see how your Ebook will appear without having owning a Kindle device, is with the absolutely free "Kindle for your Computer" program from Amazon.

Go to and click on the Kindle link > Ereaders > Kindle for Computer (or Mac).

Install the software program, and open the Ebook file to see how your book is formatted.

three) Or you can download a copy of the (totally free) Kindle Previewer tool from Amazon. Do a search for "Kindle Previewer tool" by way of Google, and you will locate the download page.

Follow one of the above actions, and you will no longer have to be worried about how your Kindle book will look on a Kindle device.

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